Conditietraining met baby - Belly2Be
Conditietraining met baby - Belly2Be
Conditietraining met baby - Belly2Be
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Helena Robeyns

Master in Physical Education


Mommy of Ella-Louise

​Cheerful Busy Bee

"In 2005 I fell in love with Nordic Walking and its numerous benefits!  

Driven by passion, I indulged in the technique and I hit the trail more often and I frequently went out for the entire day with my new friends, my Nordic Walking poles.

Using the correct technique is a top priority for me! It contributes to the foundation of a healthy body.

My aim is to adapt the courses to the level of each individual by diversification, using the correct technique as a starting point and resulting in a better fitness level for each. As a result, everybody will feel more energetic and happy!

The most wonderful gift in my life was the welcoming of our little daughter Ella-Louise in January 2015!

A new and fascinating world opened up for me, motherhood!

When my little darling was 8 weeks old, I took her with me on my Nordic Walking tours. First the tours were very short but gradually they got longer and longer and after a very inactive pregnancy, Ella-Louise and I became an inseparable duo among the trees of the Sonian Forest. We enjoyed the outdoors and each other. And as a plus I was able to enhance my fitness level again early after giving birth and at my own pace.


​Mommies no longer need to stay home till their little cutie has become a teenager, till they have reached a substandard fitness level and till their stature no longer feels feminine!

With BELLY2BELLY WALKING I want to take in tow all young mommies as fast as possible, passionate them and get them back in shape immediately after their pregnancy together with their beloved little babies!”