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- Benefits for the mommies

  • High intensity by the use of Nordic Walking poles:

    • This promotes the endurance,

    • Stimulates fat burning,

    • And builds muscles in shoulders, arms, belly, back and legs

  • Low impact on the joints by the use of Nordic Walking poles

    • This reduces the risk of injury,

    • And this is ideal for moms who suffer from pain in the back, knees or ankles

  • Promotes the flexibility and develops the coordination skills

  • The immune system is being enhanced

  • During BELLY2BELLY WALKING mommy and baby are one with each other and with nature

    • This way mommy gets time for herself  - ‘me-time’,

    • She and the baby can enjoy the outdoors at their own pace,

    • And she gets a mental boost

  • BELLY2BELLY WALKING is not time-bound

    • It can be practiced wherever, whenever and as long as one feels like

Meer weergeven
Meer weergeven


- Benefits for your baby

  • Your baby senses a safe enclosed feeling during BELLY2BELLY WALKING

    • This allows your baby to attach well and instills confidence

    • A securely attached and confident baby can easily let go and explore the world

  • Stimulations like bright lights and loud noises appear far gentler on your baby

    • And mommies breathing, heartbeat and muscle contraction and relaxation reassure your baby

  • During BELLY2BELLY WALKING your baby’s ‘skin hunger’ is being fed

    • By carrying and touching your baby’s brain develops and he can grow optimally 

    • Your baby is quiet and alert and he can explore the world around him and interact with others. This is the most effective condition in order to learn!

  • Muscles and joints develop better when your baby is carried in an anatomically correct position.

    • A proper spine position oriented toward mother, proper leg support and proper head and neck support when sleeping are important

    • The lateral muscles contract more easily and the stability of your baby’s head and trunk will improve